Apisrom implemented the HACCP system in 2008 and was later certified according to the new Food Safety Standard ISO 22000 by TUV Austria.

As a result of fulfilling the requirements of the European legislation on the processing and marketing of animal products (honey is classified as such), Apisrom obtained the H20 EC authorization, sanitary-veterinary authorization for the intra-Community trade.


Honey taken from beekeepers is checked both organoleptically and by laboratory analysis. Consider appearance, consistency, color, smell and taste. Physically and chemically, moisture, acidity, sugars, HMF, and the presence of antibiotic residues are established.

Also, through the microscopic analysis of pollen, we have the possibility to determine precisely the floral assortment from which the honey comes from. In addition, throughout the technological flow, honey samples are taken for analysis, both from the lots and from the finished products.