We founded the company in 2005, the main activity being the acquisition and processing of honey and wax.


At the end of 2008, we inaugurated our current factory, which was conceived with two distinct lines: one for honey bee processing and one for wax processing.


In 2012 we expanded our storage and processing capacities of bee honey and also we increased the production capacity of wax sheet foundations. These were achieved by building a new storage facility for bulk honey, purchasing large capacity homogenizers, as well as, the second fully-automated wax sheet foundations machine.


This year we started building a new company headquarters with a total built area of more than 2000 square meters, which will include a processing hall equipped with the most modern honey packaging facilities and an administrative space.

We also took part as an exhibitor at the 45th edition of the APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress, held in Istanbul, Turkey, between September 29 to October 4. On this occasion we had meetings with beekeepers, suppliers of equipment and materials and also with business partners and potential clients that had the opportunity to know more about us and our products.