We started in 2005, the main activity being acquisition and processing of honey and wax. At the end of 2008, we inaugurated the current factory, which was designed with two distinct production lines: one for honey bee processing and one for wax processing.

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We produce wax sheet foundations of the highest quality.The superior quality is ensured by the new generation machines with which the factory is equipped, as well as the carefully selected raw material that is analyzed in our own laboratory.

In the production process it is ensured that wax is cleaned from possible micro-impurities and sterilization at a temperature of 120°C.

Biological and biochemical characterization of pollen, based on analyzes made for nutrition, dietetic and therapeutic specialists, has studied pollen harvested by bees as a valuable natural resource, assigning its complex role to “functional food.” Pollen contains a large amount of vitamins, coenzymes and even hormones, as well as all essential amino acids, partially essential and nonessential. Because of this, pollen is considered a “super food”.