Wax sheet foundations

We produce wax sheet foundations of the highest quality. The superior quality is ensured by the new generation machines with which the factory is equipped, as well as the carefully selected raw material that is analyzed in our own laboratory.

In the production process it is ensured that wax is cleaned from possible micro-impurities and sterilization at a temperature of 120 °C. From the so-processed wax, we obtain wax sheet foundation having the cell size of 5.4 mm (800 cells / square dm). For multistoried beehive type, the wax sheet foundation has the size of 410 x 200 mm and for the Dadant type of: 410 x 260 mm. Upon request we can also produce atypical sizes of wax sheet foundations.

For certified organic beekeepers or converters, we have the possibility to produce organic wax sheet foundations.


Natural beeswax is another wonderful ingredient offered by bees. Ideal for the preparation of lip balm, candles and many other things. Natural beeswax is another extremely useful gift for us by bees.

Since ancient times, plant practitioners used beeswax in various medical preparations. Today, it is mainly used in cosmetics, ointments and creams and in commercial products such as candles. Some people consume wax as such, because it is very suitable as indigestion food (which stimulates peristalsis).

Among the most important uses of beeswax for health is the treatment of Allergies. Treating allergic rhinitis (“fan fever”) and asthma with beeswax is an established practice, thanks to the antiallergic properties of wax, which protects the skin from allergens in the air.

And beeswax candles can alleviate the symptoms of allergy. When lit, these candles produce negative ions, which clean the air of dust particles, pollen and other allergens.